Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tipping The Scale... Life vs. Work Learning The Balance!

Wondering if you will ever grasp the balance of life and work? "Impossible!" you say... well there are a few tips and tricks that I have implemented in my own life and business to try and even out the scale.

For starters...

Structure offers flexibility. Yes, it's true, having a structured day can actually enhance your overall productivity and increase your ability to set and attain goals.

It is okay to say NO.  If you are a notorious people pleaser, adding the word NO to your vocabulary is a must. By realizing you cannot do everything right now you will force yourself to prioritize tasks and commitments which makes you proactive and not reactive.

Making time for you! It may sound cliche but dedicating time for yourself will make you a better person overall. Whether you choose a new hobby, exercises or quiet reading, finding time for YOU is important.

Whether you choose to use my tips or others learning to balance your work/life scale is critical to the success of your career and family. Good luck with finding your balance!

PS. Need more tips? Check out this great video on work - life balance.

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