Saturday, August 17, 2013

Be A Detective.. Ready, Set, Snoop!

Being in the "right" location can be one of the most important elements when considering buying or selling your home. Location encompasses an area's  neighborhoods, schools, population, business growth and can even control  the increase and decrease in home values! Clearly it is a vital component to Real Estate and the X factor in making your home purchase a smart investment.

When considering a location we advise our client's to be detectives. Start with these...

1. Drive around neighborhoods and surrounding areas on different days and at different times.

2. Attend a town hall meeting

3. Attend neighborhood events.

Which ever of the three you decide, doing at least one on our list can give you a better understanding of the area culture you are moving into.

Fortunately for our readers that are currently looking in DeWitt, the Annual Ox Roast Parade and Festival is taking place all day Saturday with the parade starting at 10 am and FREE RE/MAX hot air balloon rides at 5 pm!  This would be a great opportunity for you to do some detective work and see if DeWitt's culture is a good fit for you!

Check out the highlights of last years Ox Roast!

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